Hey friend, welcome to my corner of the internet!

I'm Clarissa! I'm an Ontario based photographer and creative entrepreneur. I'm easy going, love the outdoors, furry friends, and most of all creating beautiful experiences and preserving moments in time.

I believe that beautiful photos start with the trust you build and the comfort you feel.

I often get told I'm an old soul. ​​​​ I grew up in small town, suburban Ontario. Summers at my Grandma's cottage (that is really a cabin in the woods), playing make believe in the backyard, and watching my Dad play hockey defined my childhood. I'm an art history graduate, but I once dreamt of being a veterinarian when I grew up! I'm an empath who loves helping others.

I have a beautiful black Labrador retriever named Scout, and the cutest rabbits named Roo and Hazel.

How did I get into photography? Well, my creative genes come from my mom. She's an artist, and so I grew up surrounded by the arts and to search for the beauty in all things. My passion for photography started in elementary school. I was that 12 year old that carried a little, metallic purple digital camera with a thumb sized screen everywhere with me! There were no filters, no Instagram, no editing apps... but you bet I uploaded countless Facebook albums of me and my friends jumping in the air...

"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together." 

-Vincent Van Gogh

Golden Hour was born in 2017, on the page of my travel journal while I backpacked around Europe for six weeks. I drew my logo and stated "I'm going to start a photography business", and well, here we are 4 years later!

My entrepreneurial roots started way before this, though. As a kid, I had countless "ventures". I ran lemonade stands, created and sold real jewellery during lunch recess, and even had a full summer of lawn mowing clients from the age of 13 (they were my neighbours but that counts still, right?)

At 19 years old, I decided to take the leap into business ownership and operated a painting franchise with College Pro in the summers between university. I grew that business to half a million dollars, over the course of three years, with over twenty five summer students working on my team in the Toronto area.

Through all of these experiences, I realized at a young age that as a business owner I could do everything "technically" right, but people will never forget the way I made them feel. This is my mantra. The sole purpose of my job as your wedding photographer is to leave you with beautiful photos, and an experience you'll be grateful for.

WhenI'm not taking photos,
you can find me...


in a yoga class or on a run.
on a hike or a walk with
my pup.
browsing through the Chapters home section.
planning my next trip (22 countries and counting!)
hanging on my couch watching re-runs of The Good Place with my rabbits.





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